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Searching For An Instant Payday Loan?

With My Payday Loan Broker, we can help you find a cash loan to help you the instant an unexpected cost arises. You may need a payday loan lender to give you a fast decision to help with a budgeting shortfall or a home emergency. Many short-term lenders can payout a loan in as little as one hour, whereas many banks and traditional lenders can take days to approve and payout a loan.

My Payday Loan Broker works with a number of direct lenders to find you a financial solution fast. We can search for a suitable short-term lender for you, so you don't have to spend an hour doing it.

How Can I Get An Instant Loan Decision?

Lenders cannot guarantee your loan application will be approved and paid out. Instant payday loans do exist, but it relies on your application passing all of a lender's criteria and being immediately approved without requiring any further checks. Under these circumstances, an approved application can be paid out within minutes.

However, sometimes a lender must take the time to further assess an application, which may take a bit longer. Despite this, most payday lenders aim to pay out most applications on the same day they are made.

How Do I Apply?

You simply need to fill our simple online application form and we'll find a lender for you. Once we've found you a suitable lender you'll need to complete an application specifically for that lender, which should only take a few minutes.

If approved, you could have your money in as little as 15 minutes!

If you're not instantly approved, it may be that the lender needs a bit more information from you in order to make a decision. You may need to supply documentation such as a bank statement or your pay slip. This is purely to ensure that they are lending responsibly.

Am I Eligible?

To apply for a short-term loan you must be aged 18 or over and be a UK citizen. You will have to be in part or full time employment and also own a bank account to transfer the funds into.

We work with reputable lenders who will only accept a loan application if they know you will be able to afford the loan repayments. If you are unsure if you can afford to borrow, try using this budget calculator to estimate what your expendable income is.

For more information, see our FAQs.

Can I Get An Instant Payday Loan With Bad Credit?

Being approved for a loan is more difficult for people with less than perfect credit history. Unfortunately, the worse your credit score is, the less likely you are to even be approved for loan. Your credit score may be poor for a variety of reasons, a common reason is missed credit card repayments.

You may also have a thin credit file, which is where you haven't borrowed much in the past, so lenders find it difficult to judge how responsible you are with you credit. You can check out your credit report for free on Noddle.

At My Payday Loan Broker we have a panel of direct lenders who can help people with a bad credit history. We work with responsible lenders like PiggyBank who look at more than the negative marks on your credit file and can evaluate your affordability by assessing your income and expenditure.

Even if you have a far from perfect credit score, we will do our best to find a suitable solution for you.

Are There Any Alternatives To A Payday Loan Broker?

Before you apply for a payday loan, you need to question whether borrowing money is right for you. It could be more beneficial for you to make budget adjustments or hold off buying any inessentials to help you pay for the expense.

You should not apply for a loan to pay off other debts. If you are applying for a short term loan to try to help you repay other short term credit you could be getting yourself in a debt spiral that could get worse.

If you are concerned about whether a loan is the correct option there are people that can give you free impartial financial advice. You can contact Step Change if you need to talk about any debts or your personal financial difficulties.